Donkey Kick or Money Can’t Heal Pain

Donkey Kick or Money Can’t Heal Pain

Donkey Kick

So have you been donkey kicked in the teeth by life yet?

If you have, you’ll know what I’m referring to. Donkey kicks to the teeth are experiences that are unexpected, highly painful and bewildering. They can also be gruesome, traumatic and life-changing in a brutal way. I could make a trite list here of all the things that could cause a donkey kick, but the truth is that it will be different for everyone. A personal experience that may be harrowing for one person may have a completely different effect on another.

If you haven’t received a donkey kick that’s left you spitting your teeth out yet, you will be. It happens to everyone, guaranteed.

Money Doesn’t Heal Pain

So what do donkey kicks have to do with a money blog? Simple! Most people think that having more money will eradicate life’s donkey kicks.

Like your ageing uncle in a wife beater who rocks up to your birthday celebrations with a can of horrid beer and a reek that you can smell three streets away, I’m here to spoil the party.

Money doesn’t heal the pain of donkey kicks. No matter how rich you are, some things will always smash you up. Period.

Think about it for a second. A billionaire’s child is diagnosed with a fatal illness, and they can use money to chase specialists, drugs, special treatments. But if the illness is terminal, the best money can do is buy palliative care. The child is still going to die.

What can Money Buy?

Money is good for some specific donkey kicks. Money can make life easier in a difficult time because it can alleviate stress that would otherwise be there if debt would exacerbate a problem, or gain you access to something you otherwise would not be able to afford. It can alleviate some of the worst effects of poverty. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund to cover your bills if you experience a life-changing event. You can use money to pay for medical care, funeral expenses, insurances, or counselling following a traumatic event or past.

But money does not and cannot heal pain. It cannot rewrite the past. It cannot ensure a successful future. It cannot keep you safe.

You and I are human. We feel pain. We cannot change that with banknotes. We cannot gain affection and love from watching numerical figures on a screen.

Living in an uncertain world, money can alleviate additional stress but cannot protect you from the worst of life.

Throwing gold at life’s donkey won’t prevent its back hoof from connecting with your jaw. If you understand this, you will have a far healthier relationship with your finances.

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