Credit – A Love Story

Credit – A Love Story


I gazed upon the colours white and gold

embraced with clear stones that captured nature’s eye.

Eagerly I viewed this gem unsold

with gentle shimmering that made me sigh.

My view fluttered to the price set out in red.

My heart skipped a beat, cruel jar up my spine.

Beauty and glamour did not unshed

the cost of jewels I coveted as mine.

With a deep groan of sadness I turned my face away

when a happy thought occurred to me: another way to pay!


‘Put it on credit!’ exclaimed my joyful mind to me

‘You deserve all things bright and beautiful!’ it cried.

And I agreed. After all, what possible harm could be

created by a loan? I’d set the cash aside

and slowly pay it back as months went by.

I placed an order, I set my borrowed money free.

Soon enough arrived my jewel, my neck to beautify

and with much excitement I wore this gem for all to see.

But shock! Amid the joy my further credit card transactions were declined

at a supermarket checkout. My card had maxed out the limit for it designed.

Heart Break

Oh my love! Whatever’s happened to us?

We’ve worked together so often, had such fun.

You’ve empowered me to purchase gifts and status

in anticipation of my paychecks and my income.

Where have I gone astray? What have I damaged?

When looking back on all of my accounts

no matter how hard it’s been I’ve always managed

to pay all required minimum amounts.

This ‘maxing out’ has sobered me to reason that your caring talents aren’t so rare

I could pay you off within another season – but I think I’ll find a different card, begin another love affair.

Note: If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is satire! As always, think for yourself.

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