So I’ve decided to put together this blog to think differently about finance.

I’ve become a finance nerd recently: reading about it, watching videos, listening to podcasts. So as a next stage, what’s more predictable than starting a fortnightly blog about it?  So that’s exactly what I’ve done.

There’s so much (excellent and awful) content out there on this topic.  I wanted to take a different approach to it, look at what works at an individual level.  Because we’re all different, there are a lot a different approaches to take.

The point of this blog is to ask questions, rather than have all the answers.  By exploring, we learn.

So why trust me on this topic?  The answer is, don’t.  Yeah, you read that right.  Don’t.

I’m no finance expert.  I haven’t done a finance degree, I studied other stuff.  I haven’t achieved financial independence yet, though it’s one of my goals.  I’m no millionaire.

This is a blog written by an ordinary person, mid way through an ordinary journey of financial freedom – that is, having enough money to generate options in my life.

I’m keen to examine, critique, and reconsider some old and new financial ideas.  If you’re keen to start out on this adventure (I’m not sure that’s the right word – but hey, a welcome post is always corny) with me, read on.